Monday, July 4, 2011

Long Weekend and Cinnamon Bread

Our long weekend started out with biscuits on Friday morning.  No bread in the house (I should be ashamed of myself) and no cereal either, so I decided to make some fresh from the oven biscuit breakfast sandwiches.  I used my usual recipe,( flour, baking powder, salt, butter, milk) but that morning I decided to add some sour cream for a bit of a change.  It didn't do a whole lot but it was just enough to know that they werent' my usual biscuits.  Some fried eggs, cheese, and meat later we had a yummy breakfast.

Saturday for my darling and H was spent at home, Z was with nanny and grampie, and M and I spent the day with grandma, grandpa, and Aunt J.  Dinner was at a very yummy sushi restaurant....all you can eat, which was right up my alley!

Yesterday I decided to bake some bread again and I let Z help me get it ready for the pans.  I almost made cinnamon buns but didn't want to go pulling another pan out of the cupboard so I just let her spread some dough out, rub with some butter, sprinkle a ton of cinnamon sugar on top and roll it up.  Into the pan it went to rise with the other two loaves.  I forgot to grease the pan so it stuck a little but yummy all the same.  That was the bedtime snack for the kids last night and part of my breakfast this morning. Mmmmmmmmmm.

So today I'm just waiting for some progress on the sale of our other house and trying to finish a good book.  The kids found another box of toys to unpack so they've been pretty content with that all morning.  Maybe we'll pick some more flowers later and do some easy baking...chocolate chip cookies!

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