Monday, May 30, 2011

Pancake Poppers

That's what we're calling them anyway.  Yummmmmmmy!

I got this idea after some online surfing the other day and it seemed so simple.  So this morning I .decided it was time to make mini pancake muffins for the kiddies.  We're all sick of the usual toast, cereal, scrambled eggs.

THe recipe is nothing special, and actually, I didn't even use a recipe.  I just threw a bunch of ingredients into a jar and shook it up.  We've done pancakes enough times to remember flour, baking powder, salt, egg, milk, and something sweet.  I used maple syrup this morning and when I had it all done Z and H put chocolate chips on top.  Into the oven at 350 for 10 mins and they were perfect. 

Unfortunately I still haven't been able to find an actual non-stick mini muffin pan (or any muffin pan for that matter) so I had to be a little creative in getting them out of the pan.  Still so good.

I can't find the charger for my Canon camera battery so I've been suing my Flip Video Camera for everything lately and these are a few still shots I got from this mornings videos.

Adding chocolate chips.

Final product
And breakfast time...shhh don 't tell anyone we're sitting on the living room sofa!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

New neighbours bearing cookies....and an offer to mow the jungle.

We were out trying to mow the jungle with our itty bitty mower yesterday evening when our wonderful neighbors came over to say hi.  She brought a plate of very yummy cookies (chocolate chip and coconut.mmmmmmm) and he brought an offer to finish the main lawn with his ride on mower! 

It's nice to know that we've got some friendly people living close by if we ever need anything.  I just hope we can be as helpful to them if they need anything.  And I hope that we can become friends, since we plan on being in this new house for a long time.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

I'm Back!

Boy things have really been crazy for our family.  

Exciting news:  We moved into our new house.

Not so exciting:  Our bathroom reno is taking so much longer than we had expected.

I'm still super psyched to be in our house though. We have lots of space, big barn for storage and projects, lots of property for the kids to play in, and we're in the country a little.  I can't wait until I'm all organized in the house and am able to go and explore our new community and meet some people. 

We bought a new stove a few weeks back, since I hated the flat top one we had at our other house, and I like it so far.  We're turning into a Kenmore family.  The kids baked cookies already and last night I baked my first batch of bread since moving in. It's good to get back in a routine even if its a small one.

Not much else to talk about today, although I did find a new web site called BookSneeze that offers free books in exchange for reviews so I'll be signing up for that and giving it a try.  I'll add a Book Review section on the side of the blog and you can check it out whenever I post a review.  I'm hoping they have some good cook/baking books!!!!!

Totally unrelated, but also noteworthy before I sign off, one of my other favorite baking blogs is Bakerella.  For those of you who don't know about Bakerella, she's the lady who makes the awesome cakepops and just published an entire cake pop book.  Check her out here.  She's been sick lately so send her some good vibes and prayers.