Sunday, July 10, 2011

My version of breakfast pizza

I've been craving something different for breakfast this past week and I finally made a breakfast pizza this morning.  Well my version of breakfast pizza anyway.

Biscuits are a quick and easy thing for me so I started out with a biscuit crust.  Spread on to the pizza pan and baked a little.  Not till it's completely done, but almost.  Then Z helped me scramble some eggs and throw some bologne pieces in.  again, not completely cooked.  Spread the eggs over the almost done crust and  then cheese on top of that.  I put some sauteed mushrooms and peppers on half for me and my darling and left the other half plain for Z and H.   I realized the only cheese i had in the house was string cheese so I pulled it all apart and put it on anyway.  What's a girl to do...I was already 3/4 done!

It turned out pretty good and no one was hungry when we left the table. I added salsa to mine after it was baked because it seemed like it needed something else but I guess you could put it on the crust before the eggs, or add some sort of yummy white sauce. 

I would have put some pictures of my creation on tonight but my photography skills were lacking this morning, and my stove top was super messy.  We're going strawberry picking early in the week so I'm hoping we'll have some pictures of strawberry pie or tarts later on in the week.

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