Sunday, July 17, 2011


It's not as good as my mom's.  I decided to use up some potato bread I got at the farmers market the other day.  I know, what am I doing buying bread?!  It looked yummy and it was half price (2 days old).

So yesterday morning I needed to use up the bread. French toast didn't sound appealing.  None of us wanted cereal, and I'm not even sure there was enough in the house for all of us.  What to do????  Fritata?  Nope.  Scrambled eggs?  Nope.  I still had 3 dozen eggs in the fridge so it was going to involve them.  Some sausage, bologne, a dozen eggs, cup of milk, and loaf of potato bread later (oh and 30 mins at 425) we were sitting at the table eating breakfast.  A good cup of tea made it the perfect Saturday morning breakfast. 

And gave us all lots of energy to do a ton of work around the house.My darling got to ride on his new lawn mower most of the day.  The kids helped me rake up lots and lots of grass clippings.  I managed to get rid of a huge pile of construction debris that we've been looking at for too long.  It makes me sooooo happy to see the yard taking shape finally.  Now it's just maintenance!

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