Friday, October 28, 2011

Fresh corn tortillas

Z helped me make some fresh corn tortillas yesterday.  What a huge hit!!!!!  and so easy to make (once I found the right ingredient to start with).  I finally found a product called Maseca which is basically a masa mix.  All we had to do was add water and mix for a bit, press, fry, and ENJOY!

This is what the bag looks like, and it will do tons and tons of recipes.  2C of mix makes about 16 6' tortillas.

  Their web site has lots of recipes on there as well so I'll be checking out a few of them over the next week or so.  Maybe Grandma and Grandpa's anniversary dinner will be Mexican instead of steak.

It had the consistency of playdough so it was super fun for Z to kneed and of course rolling any kind of dough into balls and smooshing it is a kids dream.

We had the tortillas with some sausage and peppers, which was super easy, and supper was scrumptious.

Now I have to research tortilla presses to figure out which one I want, and I'll be looking for a cast iron tortilla pan as well.  Good thing my birthday and Christmas are soon.  I  might just have to wait until Mothers Day for some new bread pans.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Halloween and Birthdays

Halloween is coming faster than I want it to so it's time for me to get in gear and finish costumes and figure out what we're doing for treats.

The girls wanted treat bags to bring into school for their classes so here's what I came up with as a treat bag topper.  (I know, I got the colors in the wrong order to resemble candy corn but still very cute).  I'll attach them to a baggie filled with some goodies.

Frankenstein's monster for boys and witches for girls.

H's costume was very easy this year.  We were at Winners (love that place) and he said he wanted to be a monster.  Well there just happened to be a dragon costume right next to me and he loved it.  Super cute!!!!!

Z wants to be Cinderella so we're going shopping for a blue ballgown this week.  She has her tiara from the wedding this summer and some fancy shoes already.

M wants to be a vampire and will need a cape and white blouse so that's easy enough.

Right after Halloween, the day after in fact, our birthday marathon starts.  I waddled around the  neighborhood Halloween night three years ago wondering when this little miracle was going to make his debut.  He decided the next day would be the perfect time.  Then comes M on the 10th, me on the 12th, and Z rounds it all out on the 24th.

*****In the event that I forget, happy birthday L, J, and poppy O in NL, M, B, J, N in NS; happy anniversary A and M in Lab, and K and A in NS.*****

Aside from the usual cake on the actual birthday and family gifts, we're going to have one big party for the three kids on the same day.  Lots of kids in the house, all the festivities out of the way, and I only have to worry about the house for one day.  It'll be fun!

I'm thinking about doing some cakepops as treats and got my inspiration from Bakerella.  I love all the cute ideas.  I might do some icecream cakepops but we'll see.  It will be great for the kids to help me. 

That's it for now.  I'm off to bed after a super busy day.  Some pics of our fall welcome display later on in the week.

Friday, October 7, 2011

Thanksgiving, apple picking, family, friends, and great times.

Thanksgiving is this weekend in Canada and I can't wait.  I've got family visiting for the weekend and it's going to be nice to catch up and spend some quality time together. 

Last weekend I spent the weekend with an old friend and we took the kids to pick some apples (in the rain) so we'll be using those to make some yummy deserts with Aunt L over the next few days.

My 15 lb turkey is in the fridge thawing, my ham is ready to be cooked, and I've got enough sweet potatoes to choke a horse.  I just need to pick up a few odds and ends and we're all set for a weekend of pigging out. 

The weather is supposed to clear up and get warmer again for a few days.  I'm ready for the rain/hail to stop for a little while so we can spend some time outside playing and cleaning up.  The sun is trying really hard to shine this afternoon and I feel like a lazy animal drawn to the warm floor by the living room window.

So a very Happy Thanksgiving to everyone celebrating this weekend.  I hope you are surrounded by family, friends, good food, and lots of love!

***any apple recipes would be appreciated so we can try out something new***