Thursday, November 25, 2010


In my never ending search for free things online, I came across a few years ago.  It's basically word of mouth marketing.  Companies use BzzAgent to send out some of their product to us agents and all they want in return is for us to talk openly about what we've received, share some of what we get in our BzzKits, and to let them know what people are thinking about it all.

Over the years I've gotten lots of things to try out, some food related, some not.  I've found out about some other interesting web sites from other agents and also gotten little rewards.

Now we can register our blogs with BzzAgent and get exclusive content to use as well as the opportunity to participate in more campaigns. So I've just registered My Baking Babies and we'll have to wait and see what goodies we get to try and talk about.

If you are interested in becoming a BzzAgent or just want to know some more about it, go to BzzAgent

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