Sunday, November 21, 2010

finished santa hats

So the hats didn't work out like I wanted them to, since the chocolate got too hot and clumped, but I think the ones that I ended up with after it was all said and done turned out to be pretty cute.

The first thing I had to do was make the ganache, which is just cream and chocolate.  When that was cooled I piped it into a mini ice cream cone.  You can see them to on the left side of the picture in a bowl.  Then we made the cookies that would be the bottom part of the hat.

The recipe we used wasn't that good (first time trying it) so next time we'll use a recipe we know and love.

After baking the cookies we let them cool and then trimmed them to be sure they were round.  Then we put the cones on and they looked like this.  If you overfill the cones a little the ganache will act like glue to keep them in place.
Next step was to get them ready to cover in chocolate so we spread them out on a cooling rack with some parchment paper under the rack to catch the drips.
This is the candy coating we had but when I microwaved it I wasn't very careful and it got too hot.  On to plan B.  I got out the icing, coloring, and piping bag. I piped red stars all over and to finish off put a big blob of white on the top for a pom pom and then some white stars around the bottom to be the fur.

I'll try it again with the candy melts because I think doing it all in icing is just a bit too much, and I might even trim the cones to be a bit shorter (if I have time and patience).  The kids love them though and even before they were all put together some of my babies were nabbing ganache cones to nibble on while watching tv!

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