Saturday, October 2, 2010

Are ours better???

I stopped for coffee and tea biscuits this morning...ham and cheese biscuits to be exact.  Oh and mediocre coffee.  But as I was eating I thought 'I have ham home in the fridge and I also have several big blocks of cheese in the freezer.  I could make these!'. So that's what we did and YUMMMMMMMMM.  If I could find my pastry blender I'd go into business.  NO not really but I'm certainly going to make some more and find some room in my tiny little freezer.  They will be great to take out for a quick breakfast or mid-morning (afternoon, midnight, anytime) snack.

Zoe helped me, as usual, and we think hers turned out a little fluffier than mine.  Delicate little hands???  Maybe.  But all of them are super yummy and I'm sure won't last past tomorrow.  Oh Lord help my waistline!!!!!

I also took some pics of my mini chicken burgers that I mentioned yesterday, and I found some pictures of the bread and calzones that I made last weekend. Oh where is the time going?????  It seems like I just made all that stuff.  But I guess it's October 2 already and soon we'll be trick-or-treating and then into birthdays and then Christmas.  So much baking, so little time.....and with that here are some pictures.

You want me to eat what????

Here's my giant calzone.
Mini chicken burgers (nuggets)

Fresh bread right from the oven.

The final product. mmmmmmmmmm

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