Monday, September 12, 2011

50 Mile Yard Sale - And not much to do with baking today...SORRY

On the weekend we all went to an annual 50 Mile Yard Sale!  It's so much fun and you can find tons of different stuff there.  It's set up along a country route and there are tons of different sellers.  Some people set up on the town square or in a church parking lot, some people set up tables in their yard along the route, and some people even set up a table on the side of the road.   No matter where the tables are set up, there are tons of people who go to buy and it's a fun weekend.  We spent about four hours at it and we didn't even see everything.

My first awesome purchase was new dishes..and what a deal.  All white plates, bowls, mugs, adn even french onion soup bowls...10 of each, and I got them for next to nothing.  Now I'm all set for Thanksgiving (if we're having anyone over).  I didn't check to see if the bowls were oven safe, but if they are, I'll be baking some lava cakes in them for sure.  What a yummy way to finish dinner. 

After that it was just a bunch of picky things we bought, some toys for the kids, some clothes.  Oh I did buy a spring form pan with some decorator bottoms (clown and teddy bear).  Maybe I'll do a circus cake for Hunter this year since I have a clown now and some old circus decorations from Nanny C.

Today I'm working on another BzzAgent campaign for Bodum glasses.  I didn't even know they did glasses!  I've known about their coffee presses for years and love them but I had no idea that they had such a big line of products.  When I saw the Pavina glass that Bzz was offering I knew that I wanted it.  It's so funky and I love it already. 
I got this picture right from BzzAgent

Then I read a description on the Bodum web site for another one of their double walled glasses and I knew that it would be awesome. 

"The insulating quality of the double wall glasses doesn’t just keep hot drinks hot for a longer period of time, it also keeps cold drinks cold longer. Another nice thing about them – there is no condensation water when you serve cold drinks, therefore no messy rings on your table. And by the way, they’re great for ice cream as well. Double wall glasses are truly multifunctional. They are made from borosilicate glass and are dishwasher safe."

There's no outlet near me so I'm really really really really hoping that I can get in on this campaign try them out before having to order online.  It would make our Thanksgiving that much funkier (along with the new dishes I got on the weekend).  Fingers crossed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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